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Why are swimsuits hand wash only?

Issuing time:2024-03-27 16:28

Swimsuits are from apparel. Also, it’s not flexible for all kinds of washing way due to fabric features and materials. Hand washing can help to keep your fashion swimwear looking newer, and longer. If you care for your swimsuit properly, you will be rewarded in the long run. Your suit will stay vibrant and maintain its elasticity.

Swimsuits need to be hand-washed rather than using a washing machine because they are fragile and easily deformed. In addition, most detergents contain bleaching and fluorescent agents, which can damage the color and elasticity of the swimsuit if used.

The swimsuit is limited to the high-temperature water, as if warmer than 30 degrees; it would destroy the elasticity of the swimsuit. It is best to hand-wash swimsuits in cold water and air-dries them.

If the swimsuit has been contaminated by seawater or chlorine, chemicals, and oils in the swimming pool, it should be drenched in water before going into the water to minimize the extent of damage and should be rinsed off before taking it off after swimming.

In addition, it is important not to smother it for a long period. After swimming, you should rinse your body before taking off the swimsuit.Do not keep wet swimsuits in a bag for a long period, as they may heat up and discolor or create a foul odor. Hands wash them quickly with water and rub them gently, then dry them with a towel and air dry them in a cool place that is not exposed to direct light.

Protecting your swimwear from damage, using hand washing them. Followhand-wishing swimsuit tips:

1. Dry the swimsuit by hanging it on a clothesline or hanger. Do not hang the swimsuit in direct sunlight — UV rays can cause the fabric to fade.

2. Do not put your swimsuit in a dryer — dryers can do permanent damage to the fabric.

3. Do not twist or wring out your swimsuit to remove excess water — this could damage the elasticity of the fabric.

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