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What’s the Most Popular Fabric for Golf Polo Shirts?

Issuing time:2024-03-27 16:26

As golf polo shirts gain popularity, the demand for a variety of fabrics suitable for golf courses has increased.

People are becoming increasingly conscious of the printing quality and comfort of their shirts, leading to a growing need for functional fabrics.

1. What are functional fabrics?

Functional fabrics are specialized textiles that are designed to possess specific performance-enhancing properties for their intended application.

In the case of golf polo shirts, functional fabrics commonly used are typically a blend of polyester and spandex,

with varying ratios to ensure optimal comfort, flexibility, and durability.

These fabrics are specifically engineered to meet the demands of golfers and provide them with enhanced performance on the golf course.

2. Why choose functional fabrics?

Its biggest advantage is that it combines the advantages of spandex and polyester.

Sublimation printing

The polyester composition of fabric more than 60% can be sublimation printing.

The higher the percentage of polyester, the better the stability of the printing.

The popular patterns can be printed on the golf polo shirts easily to meet the needs of the fashion trend.

Moisture wicking

Polyester has moisture wicking properties, allowing moisture to evaporate quickly and keeping you dry when playing.


Polyester is a plastic made from petroleum that, through a series of chemical reactions,

creates incredibly strong fabric threads, making it more durable than other fabric fabrics.

Wrinkle resistant and extremely stretchy

Because the fabric contains spandex inside, spandex is wrinkle resistant as well as relatively good elasticity

3. Two common functional fabrics for golf polo

Milk silk

Milk silk fabric is very soft, and flexible, cooling. The design printing looks perfect on the smooth surface of the fabric. (Recommended)


Pique fabric is a double knit textured fabric, it is breathable and durable. Pique use for the regular polo mostly, perfect to embroider logo on the shirts.

4. What is the proportion of polyester and spandex in functional fabrics?

There have the proportion below in 180gsm-210gsm, they are all 4 way stretch.

87% polyester,13% spandex.

88% polyester, 12% spandex.

92% polyester, 8% spandex.

5. Disadvantages of functional fabrics

The main component of functional fabrics is polyester, which is non-degradable.

To increase moisture absorption, chemicals are added during the production of functional fabrics,

and as the number of washes increases, the moisture absorption decreases. In addition, these chemicals may also cause certain allergies in the body.

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