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What will be the trend for SS2025?

Issuing time:2024-03-27 16:25

Mutations and Bold Colors

SS2025 Mutations and Bold Colorways for a changing world, one of the themes of this season is the challenges facing our society, whether environmental, social, scientific, or technological. These challenges push us to update our habits, our work patterns, and our creative and industrial processes. As a result, 'mutation' is the overarching theme of the SS 2025 collection and is present throughout the collection.

As far as color is concerned, the SS2025 collection takes a bold approach, highlighting ever-changing hues and recreating classic tones. In line with our seasonal theme, the collection speaks of tonal mutations shifted by the intensity of luminescence.

Color Forecast SS2025

The definitive color guide for SS2025 features 40 shades, which include the important ten essential core colors. Unique color styling pages show how groups of color can be used most effectively across swimwear forecast pages.

Stronger, more saturated tones reflect the energy that radiates through this summer season. The dominant pink, orange, and red-tinted shades bring a playful warmth that reveals a human need for joy and distraction. The pinks that lean towards violet and blue-cast purple shades tap into the realm where fantasy meets technology and a space where reality is hard to define. Lighter tints, softened shades and quiet grey tones allow a valuable breathing space that embodies a desire to pass time slowly in neutral.

Sensitive fabrics

Sensitive fabrics have been recognized as the fabric of excellence in the swimwear industry, offering high performance and more than 50 levels of sun protection. They are breathable, fast drying, resistant to chlorinated water, salt water, sunscreen, and ten times hotter than other fabrics. Known for their patented textile structure with three-dimensional elasticity and tested shape and color retention, they are the result of innovative technologies for making protective, versatile, easy-care, and easy-to-wear swimwear.

The Eco Revolution

Sustainability is the future, and swimwear designers are fast realizing it. In 2025 will see a surge in eco-friendly designs featuring recycled materials and fabrics. Brands are innovating with plastics recycled from the oceans, transforming them into swimwear that is both luxurious and responsible to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

The transition to sustainable practices requires commitment at all levels, from designers and manufacturers to retailers and consumers. As an integral part of the transition, your awareness, choice, and support are critical. By working together, we can ensure that the swimwear of the future is not only fashionable and functional but also good for our planet.

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