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In order to provide customer with high-quality product, the company has rapid introduced a modern professional production lines and most advanced hightech processing equipment. Meanwhile, with the scientific and rational process management, the company implement ERP management system and adheres to the “Operation Mode of ISO 9001 :2000 Quality Management System” , which has ensured the high efficiency of products processing from raw material to finished product. Aim at enhancing our core competitiveness; we continue to introduce senior management& technical personnel,

to use ERP computer network management and the "5S" scene management. We use modern management ways such as performance evaluation & incentive mechanism to evaluate objectives quarterly and annually, which improves corporate management level, inspire staffs to strive for excellence,

and foster a positive, flexible, team spirit harmonious team. We firmly believe that her growth will bring much more surprise, prosperous and benefit to

the environmental world.

1.Power system: the independent product motor use the good quality ball bearing with all copper coil winding design. Exercise strict control over the temperature rise. The motor apply to the ventilation fan, it would be increased the product life and energy efficient.

2.Energy-efficient motor: Use the new design ,new process and new material , the motor can reduce the electromagnetic energy , heat and mechanical energy to

improve the efficiency of out put.Compare to the stander motor, the energy-saving effect of the energy-efficient motor is much better, at usual the efficiency would be average improved 4%

3.Optimization Impeller design: according to the principle of hydromechanics and use the CFD analytic method to control the airflow of the blades surface, so that the flocculant disourder of the airflow and the whirlpools would be control in a small measure,it make the ventilation fan to being large air quantity,high hydrostatic pressure and lower noise

4. We own a mold factory, so we can produce the mold for our product. the factory including a mold workshop and injection molding work-shop with high-precision import equipment .

Guangzhou Fauau Garment Co., Ltd.
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